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Question about Questrade account types

Sorry if this is a stupid question as I'm still relatively new to investing. I'm using Wealthsimple for my TSX/Canadian stocks, and am in the process of joining Questrade for my U.S/International stocks. I have a question though regarding signing up - It asks to choose "Margin", "TFSA", "RSP", or "Forex". Do you have any recommendation on which one to choose? For Wealthsimple, I have a Personal and TFSA already. I already have an RSP at another bank, and 2 TFSAs. So not sure if there's a risk with signing up for another one? Also is 'Margin' similar to WS's "Personal" account?
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What type of account for general trading.

Hey guys, I know you cannot trade daily in a TFSA. What type of account should I be using? I see robinhood has a 'cash' account but i dont see one on questrade. Only registered accounts, margin, and forex. What is everyone using? I dont want to trade over and over again all day but im looking to do 3-4 trades per week or every other week.
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Opening a non registered account?

Quick Q...I have a TFSA w 41K invested in ETF's at Questrade and an RRSP account w TD in E Series funds. I now want to open a non registered (taxable account). From what I understand, I can't do this at either Questrade or my regular TD account....I would have to open another account....does it matter where, any advantages to being with TD Direct Investing vs RBC vs Scotia, vs somewhere else, etc...this is sort of a pain cause now I have to have yet another account open.
If I go w TD Direct Investing, I guess I could transfer over my E Series funds to them? I have 15K contributed right now and am looking to put in 9 K into a taxable account.
Is there one place that has lower fees than another for opening a non registered acct?
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Questrade fx question

I want to buy usd so that i can buy us stocks. fx is obviously the best rate, does anyone know if questrade would allow me to buy usd in fx and then transfer it to my margin account?
E: I called them and this is what I learned. So I just called them. When you have a CAD balance on a margin account and buy US securities, you borrow their USD, and you get charged 6.25% interest. Currency conversion from CAD to USD is 1.99% if you convert more than 10k you can negotiate that, but I haven't been told by how much. I was thinking of funding my forex account and converting cash there but it turns out that to convert cash there costs the same rate. But if you are just trading and not converting cash you can buy USD with a spread of 2-2.5pips, and you cannot transfer that USD to your margin account. So I'm going to have to find another means of converting my CAD to USD.
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Question about interest

Hello. I just signed up for a self-directed margin account on Questrade and I am looking to trade in Forex. I just had a few questions about how margins work and how interest is accumulated on my account.
So, my account uses CAD so if I open a position in, say, EUUSD, am I borrowing Euros? Or does it convert my cash that I used into Euros for me?
Is the interest the same as the margin requirement?
How often do I have to pay interest and when does it accrue, if ever?
If i have any other questions, I'll add an edit. Thank you for your help!
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Margin, Forex

Hey Questrade,
so, I've been with you a while now, and generally I am a big fan, recommend you to people, etc. I have two negatives though:
  1. Why is your cost of margin so high vs, say, Interactive Brokers?
  2. Considering Norbert's Gambit, why is the spread on converting CAD to USD so bad? At 0.5% I'd just pay it to save the hassle, but 2% is 'big bank bad' - loads of forex cos out there do much better.
I guess it's fine to say 'we are a business, we have to make money somewhere, and this is how'.
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Why I switched from Questrade to Interactive Brokers ... HOW TO OPEN A MARGIN ACCOUNT WITH QUESTRADE How to Withdraw From Questrade - YouTube HOW TO USE A MARGIN ACCOUNT WITH QUESTRADE - YouTube My trading profits for January (QUESTRADE MARGIN) Which Type of Account Should You Open With Questrade - YouTube How To Use Questrade For Beginners (FULL WALKTHROUGH ... YouTube How I learned To Day Trade In A Week - YouTube Trading 101: What is a Margin Account? - YouTube

If you prefer stock trading on margin or short sale, you should check Questrade financing rates. ... Forex fees. Questrade forex fees are high, although it is one of the only top Canadian stockbrokers who offer forex trading. To have a clear picture of forex fees we calculated a forex benchmark fee for major currency pairs. This catch-all benchmark includes commissions, spreads and financing ... Questrade offers twenty account types, divided into six Retirement accounts, two educational ones, seven for entities, two for margin trading, two for Forex and CFD trading, and one tax-free savings account. Each one comes with different benefits, but most traders will manage their non-retirement portfolios in the Forex and CFD accounts, with the addition of margin trading. Clients may open as ... Questrade Forex Margin Rates Interactive Brokers Fees Options Better Trading System What Do The Red Numbers Mean Questrade Questrade Tfsa Options Level Prediction On Forex Eurusd Questrade Review Canada S Leading Discount Brokerage 2019 Questrade Forex Tfsa Step By Step How To Sign Up To Questrade To Buy Etfs Let S Talk Questrade Review 2019 Questrade Fx Global On The App Store How To Do ... Here are some important things to know about margin accounts: Interest charges are applied to your account automatically. To view interest charges, log in to Questrade, click Reports, and tap Account activity.To view rates, visit our website; If your investments go down in value, your losses are magnified and you still have to pay back your loan, plus the interest TFSA, RRSP, Margin, and more. Choose the accounts that match your goals. Investment products Diversify your portfolio with stocks, ETFs, options, mutual funds and more. Trading platforms Discover our fast, free and easy-to-use platforms for mobile, desktop and web trading. Tools Make informed decisions with smart and powerful research, evaluation and monitoring tools. Benefits. See how your ... Questrade offers a single commission-free forex trading account with margin rate of 3%, variable spreads and the option to use micro tradable lots for better risk management on both the robust MetaTrader 4 and the broker`s in-house platforms.. Managed account services are also available with this broker through its Questrade Portfolio IQprogram. However, Questrade may liquidate or close your positions if you fail to comply with the terms of the margin call, including, in some cases, without notifying you first. The terms of a margin call are determined at the discretion of Questrade. Forex

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Why I switched from Questrade to Interactive Brokers ...

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